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Hemsby Parish Council has a number of Committees made up of Council representatives, who look at a certain area of the Council's work and make recommendations to Full Council.

Finance Committee

Membership: Tony Bowgen, Ben Chilvers, Mark Kern

Finance Committee Terms of Reference


November 2022    Agenda  |  DRAFT Minutes

June 2022    Agenda  |  Minutes

November 2021   Agenda  |  Minutes

June 2021    Agenda  |  Minutes

November 2020    Agenda  |  Minutes

July 2020    Agenda  |  Minutes

February 2020    Agenda  |  Minutes

Personnel Committee

Membership: Scott Bensley, Keith Kyriacou, Mark Stocker

Personnel Committee Terms of Reference


January 2022    Agenda  |  DRAFT Minutes

April 2021    Agenda  |  Minutes

September 2019   Agenda  |  Minutes

Events Committee

This Committee was disbanded in December 2022, and an independent Hemsby Events Committee was formed, which is not part of the Parish Council.

Events Committee Terms of Reference


September 2022    Agenda  |  DRAFT Minutes

July 2022    Agenda  |  Minutes

May 2022  Agenda  |  Minutes

April 2022    Agenda  |  Minutes

March 2022   Agenda Minutes

February 2022    Agenda  |  Minutes

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