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POSTPONED February 2024 Meeting

Unfortunately due to holidays, illness & work commitments we only had 3 Parish Councillors attend so the meeting could not go ahead last night & be opened at 7.30pm, despite GYBC Cllr Galer & Bensly bring present & 5 members of the public. So, there are no minutes, below is a brief explanation of the rest of the evening;

The GYBC Leader Carl Smith attended the venue as he wished to address the Parish Council regarding GYBC's stance on the coastal issues, as the meeting was unable to be opened, he agreed to give an overview of the history of coastal erosion in his time at GYBC, that there is no full funding available for defences. He said that alternative sources could be sought if the Parish Council agreed for residents of Hemsby to be polled on the issue to gauge their support & then other funding maybe forthcoming from other organisations although this couldn't get guaranteed.

There was also a mention by a resident if money for sea defences could be raised via a tourism tax, this something that GYBC may look to have in the future. He will be speaking again to stakeholders at a meeting at the town hall on 18th March including the Parish Council.

The meeting from last night will now have to be rescheduled for Wednesday 28th February 2024 at 7.30pm, a new agenda will be issued shortly.


Mrs K Wilton

Clerk to Hemsby Parish Council

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